Appeal Letter

Distinguished Dignitary,

It is our immense pleasure to communicate to you regarding our International Quarterly E- journal named MDEGQ, i.e. Multi Disciplinary Edu Global Quest. This journal is a high level endeavour undertaken by us. Under the roof of this peer reviewed journal, we are providing a platform to distinguished dignitary like you, who may be a researcher, a theorist, a practioner, a professional or other; to share your knowledge, research results, theories or views across the globe with interested individuals from various disciplines.

Major disciplines and sub disciplines included in the journal are:

  • Humanities
    • 1.1 History
    • 1.2 Linguistics
    • 1.3 Literature
    • 1.4 Performing arts
    • 1.5 Philosophy
    • 1.6 Religion
    • 1.7 Visual arts
  • Social sciences
    • 2.1 Anthropology
    • 2.2 Archaeology
    • 2.3 Area studies
    • 2.4 Cultural and ethnic studies
    • 2.5 Economics
    • 2.6 Gender and sexuality studies
    • 2.7 Geography
    • 2.8 Political science
    • 2.9 Psychology
    • 2.10 Sociology
  • Natural sciences
    • 3.1 Space science
    • 3.2 Earth sciences
    • 3.3 Life Sciences
    • 3.4 Chemistry
    • 3.5 Physics
  • Formal sciences
    • 4.1 Computer sciences
    • 4.2 Logic
    • 4.3 Mathematics
    • 4.4 Statistics
    • 4.5 Systems science
  • Professions and Applied sciences
    • 5.1 Agriculture
    • 5.2 Architecture and Design
    • 5.3 Business, Management And Accounting
    • 5.4 Divinity
    • 5.5 Education
    • 5.6 Engineering
    • 5.7 Environmental studies and Forestry
    • 5.8 Family and consumer science
    • 5.9 Health science
    • 5.10 Human physical performance and recreation
    • 5.11 Journalism, media studies and communication
    • 5.12 Law
    • 5.13 Library and museum studies
    • 5.14 Military sciences
    • 5.15 Public administration
    • 5.16 Social work
    • 5.17 Transportation

Sir/Madam, in this humble attempt to globalize an unending, knowledge sharing, interacting, boundaryless educational activity, we seek your earnest help and cooperation as an expert of your own field, with your valuable capacity for the benefit of the enthusiastic learners. Here we expect that experts in various disciplines who possess in-depth knowledge in their area of work will enhance the knowledge of others with current trends in theory, research practice and will provide direction to them. Through the medium of this journal we want to motivate the researchers with advanced working capacity as authors, editors, subject featured editors, reviewers and referees.

Sir/Madam, we hope you would be surely interested in extending your helping hand to this innovative multidisciplinary journal. We would also like to know in what capacity you would like to get associated with this journal. You can have more than one kind of association as per your convenience and readiness to participate, choice is yours.

You can have multiple choice in the following categories:-

  • Advisory Editor
  • Subject Featured Editor
  • Referee
  • Reviewer
  • Author

If you are interested in any category, please agree to the Guidelines to Contributors or click this link and fill up the form. (NOTE:- Please fill the form in detail. If you join as an Editor or Reviewer please e-mail your detailed profile and passport size photograph to Dr. Dipika B. Shah)

Initially, this will be a free contribution and free access journal, nobody will be charged to contribute and neither any honorarium will be provided.

Your positive and prompt response will be appreciated.

We remain yours,

Editors (MDEGQ).

Contact us on our e-mail addresses which are given below: