Our Mission

The MDEGQ is an online international and multidisciplinary forum for educationists, theorists, and researchers. The journal publishes peer reviewed academic articles and research papers including visual and graphical presentations, which deal with the topics related to theory and practices of international relevance.

The journal publishes papers from a wide range of disciplines like Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Pure & Applied Sciences, etc.

Our major aims for publishing this multidisciplinary international e-journal viz. MDEGQ are as follows:

  1. MDEGQ aims to strengthen links between theory and practice in various disciplines as well as interdisciplinary efforts.
  2. The mission of MDEGQ is to disseminate significant, proven innovations in the area of research in every discipline, especially those that present the best creative & innovative ideas in the field of research.
  3. The emphasis is on providing a platform for researchers, practitioners and theorists to jointly explore ideas covering various disciplines.
  4. The mission is to provide innovative substance to our readers, who have enormous research capabilities.
  5. The aim of this journal is to increase understanding about all levels of education to contribute in the quality improvement of educational processes and outcomes.
  6. The mission of the journal is to help advance understanding through a focus on papers reporting research and development activities.
  7. This journal will invoke interest among professionals, educationists and others for development in communities throughout the world.