To Study effect of physical Education-sports on Anxiety and academic achievement of undergraduate students in Gandhinagar district

Regular physical activity, in addition to reducing stress level, has beneficial effect on body as well as mind. This beneficial effect on mind is assessed in terms of academic performance. This research was done to study the the effect of Physical education – sports on anxiety and academic achievement of undergraduate students in Gandhinagar district. Anxiety is considered as one of the greatest problem of modern trends in daily life of every individual.


Employees are important assets to any organisation. So, it becomes important for the organisation to understand and motivate the employees. In spite of all the motivations and support, the employee may not perform up to the expectations of the organisations. At such times it becomes more important for the organisations to understand the reasons of failure on the part of the employee. Such failure can be measured by using the Performance Appraisal System.When performance appraisal is conducted in an organization, an individual experiences various impacts like, behavioural and emotional.