Quiz Program as an Innovative Technique to Enhance Achievement in Science

Dr. Divya Sharma,

Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Teacher Education,

Gandhinagar, Gujarat


Mo. 9426726046

Rameshbhai P. Patel

Assistant Teacher, Sansakar Vidyalaya, Transwad, Mahesana, Gujarat

Mo. 9824921102



Education has always been the sole directive of human endeavor and is a means for achieving not only the all-round development of child but also the progress of the society. Further, knowledge of science has become a necessity leading to the emergence of Science and Technology as an important school subject. Researcher are studying effectiveness of different teaching strategies. Quiz is one such strategy which is a form of game or mind sport in which player attempts to answer question correctly either individually or in team. The objective of the study was to develop and use quiz program as an intervention technique and to observe its influence on achievement in science. It was an experimental and applied research, two group random sample posttest only design with a sample of 48 students. Quiz program was independent variable, achievement in science was dependent variable and standard, subject and unit were the controlled variable. t test was used as technique for data analysis. The value of t revealed significant difference between the post test scores of control and experimental group. Thus significant difference was found in the achievement of the students of control and experimental group, which has proved the effectiveness of the intervention program. Study implies that introduction of techniques and innovative pedagogies like Quiz programs can be effectively used for enhancing learning achievement.